About us

About Advania

Advania is with over 1,000 employees in Sweden, Iceland, Norway and Denmark, one of the largest and most comprehensive systems integrators in the Nordic region. With a stated goal to be the most flexible and value-adding service provider, we help our clients in the areas of IT outsourcing, ERP-systems, process automation, contact center, IT infrastructure and integration solutions and Data Centers.

Broad coverage in the Nordic region

Advania was established in 1939 and has today approximately 1,000 employees, of which about 800 are employed consultants. We are located in nine locations in Sweden, one in Norway and five in Iceland. Our consultants belong to one or more areas of expertise, creating virtual groups of experts in areas of particular importance. The sales organization consists of approximately 120 people. There are also a number of customary administrative functions that total consists of about 80 people.


The Advania Group is owned by the Swedish company Advinvest. The company was formed in the spring of 2014 and consists of a group of Swedish investors, led by Thomas Ivarsson.

What our customers and partners think of us

Advania is ranked as one of the highest of all IT vendors regarding creating customer value and customer satisfaction by Swedish companies and organizations. Furthermore, Microsoft and HP pay tribute to Advania and have appointed us as Microsoft Partner of the Year and HP Services of the Year and Service Provider of the Year.