Cloud28+ Launches Security Reference Architecture

Enterprise customers across EMEA can now accelerate to hybrid IT knowing that the Cloud Service Providers have increased their Security capabilities.

Advania has announced today new improved security for Cloud services. Advania and HPE are committed to simplifying the path to delivering hybrid cloud by activating the foundational technology that powers trusted cloud environments. Advania has activated Intel’s TXT technology to ensure that its server infrastructures are booted to a measured and trusted hypervisor, giving customers peace of mind when taking advantage of Advania’s Cloud-based services and solutions. 

“Today we see that more and more customers are asking for high security in cloud services. For Advania the Intel TXT technology fits our and our customers’ demands, and it gives us an advantage in the Nordic market around delivering high-security cloud services,” stated Daniel Albertsson, Advania Marketing Manager.

The Cloud28+ trusted computing framework is based on HPE Helion with Intel TXT® technologies, ensuring a hardware root of trust for cloud services and solutions. Cloud service providers offer what every business wants – the flexibility to respond rapidly to business needs. But this flexibility also brings risk and uncertainty. Applications running on trusted servers where the BIOS, operating systems, hypervisors, and configurations are measured to a known good state. In order to win competitively and grow the business, cloud service providers are seeking to assure their customers of security, control, and compliance by offering a trusted compute environment.

“This new security architecture is a great example of how the Cloud28+ community works, bringing partners together to identify and solve customers’ business needs. By offering an additional level of HPE and Intel security features, Advania is helping make hybrid cloud a reality for its customers,” said Xavier Poisson Gouyou Beauchamps, Vice President, Hybrid IT EMEA, Hewlett Packard Enterprise.

About Intel TXT®

Intel TXT is specifically designed the harden platforms from the emerging threats of hypervisor attacks, BIOS, or other firmware attacks, malicious root kit installations, or other software based attacks. It increases protection by allowing greater control of the launch stack through a Measured Launch Environment (MLE) and enabling isolation in the boot process. More specifically, it extends the Virtual Machine Extensions (VMX) environment of Intel® Virtualization Technology (Intel® VT), permitting a verifiably secure installation, launch, and use of a hypervisor or operating system (OS). Intel TXT gives IT and security organizations important enhancements to help ensure more secure platforms; greater application, data, or virtual machine (VM) isolation; and improved security or compliance audit capabilities. Not only can it help reduce support and remediation costs, but it can also provide a foundation for more advanced solutions as security needs change to support increasingly virtualized or “multi-tenant” shared data center resources.

About Cloud28+

Cloud28+ is a federated community of service providers, resellers, ISVs, developers, government entities and end users dedicated to accelerating enterprise cloud adoption across Europe. It offers an online, aggregated catalogue of cloud services, matching detailed workload requirements with trusted cloud services at different prices. The catalogue currently features hundreds of Infrastructure-as-a-Service, Platform-as-a-Service and Software-as-a-Service offerings.


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