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Holiday makers require quick answers. Thomas Cook’s travel organizers must be able to provide information in all channels in a structured way. When they improved their IT solution, their requirements were sky-high.

Ving in Sweden, one of the parent company Thomas Cook Northern Europe’s travel organizers, are the first travel organizer to install a new solution – Ving in Norway, Spies in Denmark and Tjäreborg in Finland will follow after the summer. Annika Myrberg is the manager of Ving Customer and Sales Support in Sweden and responsible of the implementation. She explains that their previous system was not able to create a clear overall picture of customer contacts.

- Up until now, we have been operating in nine different systems in order to manage our customers. There is no connection between the different systems, which makes it hard to optimize the cues of incoming cases through chat, e-mail and telephony. There hasn’t been any connection with our CRM system, which has meant that it has been difficult to coordinate the information the customers can find out on the web with the default answers in our chat and e-mails. Today, we have to update every answer in at least three different places.

When the corporate group wanted to purchase a new IT solution last summer the requirements were clear – but sky-high.

- We needed a customer service system which could manage all of our channels in one single system, and we had the opportunity to integrate this system with our CRM system and our web.

For Thomas Cook in Sweden, as the first country, Advania has now delivered one single platform which manages every contact channel used by a travel organizer – telephony, e-mail, fax, chat, social media and SMS. What does this mean in reality? One single agent can manage numerous interactions with one customer in all the different channels, without having to redirect the customer to search information in a different channel.    

- By having e-mail, chat and telephony in the same system, a system which manages and allocates the cases according to cue status in every channel, we will be able to optimize the cues and improve the service level. In addition, the solution is connected to our own CRM system providing a complete picture of all of the customer’s cases. This leads to improved knowledge about the customer resulting in more professional answers, says Annika Myrberg.   

She also means that the new solution enables advantages for the employees.

- With a system that manages and allocates cases, our employees now experience shorter waiting times. Today as a travel advisor, you are either logged into e-mail, chat or telephony. Now the employees are given greater possibilities for further development and everyone have the opportunity to work in more channels. The work becomes more varied and motivating.

The solution 

  • The solution is based on the system Customer Interaction Communication (CIC) from the company Interactive Intelligence (ININ).

  • It is a software-based platform that is installed on a standard server. All modules are available on the platform, such as Internet Protocol Private Branch Exchange (IP PBX), Automatic Call Distribution (ACD), a queuing system to put calls on hold in a telephone exchange and then place the call automatically with an agent, and recording, and staffing planning.

  • It is also possible to direct cases to selected groups or individual agents so that the right people are managing the right questions. The system controls this.

  • Advania have incorporated parts of Thomas Cook's CRM system in its own client, which enables the agents of Thomas Cook to see the client's case history.

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